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My house and it's doors: a metaphor

August 11, 2022
By ILiveToRead PLATINUM, Wailuku, Hawaii
ILiveToRead PLATINUM, Wailuku, Hawaii
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My house has many, many front doors.

Each door I made specially for a person.

But sometimes people change, and feelings change, and things change

And so, you must take back your keys.

And lock the door.


Pia, her door is closed and locked now.




Joab, his door is locked but is clear and made of glass.




Owen, I have left it cracked open..




Ayshja, my door for her is wide open with a welcoming sign.




Winter, her door is closed but not locked.




Franco, his door too, is closed but not fastened shut.




Constanza, her door has been opened wide and I wait at the door welcoming her with open arms.




Emiliano, there is no door blocking his doorway, but every now and then I hang curtains over it to give myself the impression there is.




And for those who have done me no harm but I take little pleasure in knowing, I've built them no door, if they wish to visit the must borrow the door of someone who has one.


And for those who have done me harm and I had the courage to not speak to again, they have neither door nor invitation and they are banned from my domain.




And for all the people yet to come there are extra doors waiting to have their name on it.









And the secret no one knows?   …The back door is always open.

The author's comments:

Dedicated to my real life friends, past and present.

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