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October 27, 2022
By Violet18 GOLD, Houston, Texas
Violet18 GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes there is a fire that burns within. Unable to be put out, it brings sadness and tears, but those tears are what is able to put the fire out"

Everyday I see him

I see him, and it brings me pain

Knowing I like him

But not knowing anything about him

He certainly doesn’t know me

I’m just watching from afar 

Sometimes I think he stares at me

Or maybe,

I’m just being desperate

I have so many places that need growth

before I can even talk to him

But I also have so much to bring

when it comes to a relationship

What if this is all for nothing?

What if he has a girlfriend

What if he’s gay

What if he really does see me

but thinks I’m the worst

I have a voice inside me

“Dear one, this is exactly how this goes”

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