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Going backwards

January 12, 2023
By Adaaaa SILVER, Wenzhou, Other
Adaaaa SILVER, Wenzhou, Other
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My Soul

Going Forward

The campus with the car window

The outline is blurred and decadent

The wheels run over the rumble

I hear the shrill whistle

The way back is broken


I can only

Through the barred window

The other middle school me overlapped

I stood in the doorway without moving

As if

I was waiting for the past summer

I was waiting for the past summer to come running towards me like it did back then

That year, the wind blew across the playground track

Blowing through the sticky hair of the lunch break

And finally took away my blood


My memory

Going backwards

I still remember the time

Uneventful but crazy

Failure but pride

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem after passing by the campus of my junior high school. Standing there, I felt the memories of that year coming to me, and for a moment the car window passed by the entrance of the school, and I had some trance. I suddenly remembered those bland but desperate efforts for the midterm exams.This poem is for myself three years ago, for the girl who tried but failed, and for the generations of ordinary but hardworking people in more schools.

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