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Secret Love

January 29, 2023
By Adaaaa SILVER, Wenzhou, Other
Adaaaa SILVER, Wenzhou, Other
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"I try to hide my loneliness in my headphones"
Lee Yun Kiki's song loops in my ears
No end
And afraid that I am dust
Your look is always a midnight dream
Close your eyes
It's all there is

I look down and pick up the fallen leaves
In the afterglow
You happen to be soaking in the warm sun
The silhouette is beautiful
Like a cream sweater in autumn

It turns out
A crush is really a heartbeat
Standing in the shy wind and rain
One's heart is in turmoil
Stirring, apprehensive
A piece of white paper-like youthfulness
It starts and disappears like this

The author's comments:

This poem depicts my crush in junior high school, me, sensitive, ordinary, stupid. He was smart, funny, and sunny. I was like the moss that spread secretly, struggling to look up at the sunlight above my head. It turns out that the so-called crush is really just a secret look up.

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