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The Beautiful Rain

September 15, 2023
By Anonymous

The Beautiful Rain


The sun beams exceptionally bright above me:

It’s hot and sunny,

And I hate it.

I hate the horrible feeling of clothes being damp with sweat.

I despise excessive light and heat rolling into a headache,

Too much heat and radiant sunshine to be even remotely comfortable.

The sun hides behind the blanket of clouds today.

There is a soft and gentle breeze,

It looks as though it might rain.

I smile to myself; how nice it will be to have a break from the sun.

I suppose I could comfortably hang out outside today,

At least for a little while before the breeze turns from pleasant to cold.

It’s raining hard, the sky dark, and the clouds twisted around themselves.

The large and heavy raindrops knock hard on my window.

The wind is whirling loud and strong,

The best weather there is.

It’s loud and chaotic and beautiful all at the same time.

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