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you see me

August 30, 2009
By XxUnforgivenLovexX SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
XxUnforgivenLovexX SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
to be or not to be that is the question

you see me as that girl
the one who doesnt talk or say much
th one who wears darker colours
w/pale skin and black eyeliner
w/the purple glasses and the half-hearted smile
you see somethings else in me
that i dont see & most other people dont see
you feel emotions for em you asay you cant describe
but yet you say your lucky to know me
how can you say that without seeing me?
how is it you love me without seeing me?
im not sure how'll you'll answer the ?'s
but when you do answer them thruthfully
dont tell me youll explain when you see me
because im not sur e if you really see me
do you see the tears,the scars,the pain,
and sorrowthe feelings i hide behind my mask with ?
do you see me truthfully?
when you see what i mena are you
sure you wont run-away?
the day you finally see me are you
sur e youll still see me for me ?
dont ask me to change kuz i wont
dont expect me to talk kuz i might not
dont expect me to stop hiding from behind my maskkus i may not
dont expect me to kiss you without actaully feeling something
dont please please dont fall in love wiht me when you see me
we wont be meeting for the first time even though it may seem it
we have meet before but not on hte same page
when youe see me try not to hurt me
the last thing i want is to feel tht pain again
when we see each other i it no to be
akward hope it to go well
hope it to seem well
hope it to feel well
be well be great
when you meet me i want
you too reallly see me
for the person i really am
not hte person i attempt to be
see me but dont fallin love with me please

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece to a friend who meant something but no longer doesnt cause when i was around him i felt as in he saw me for the real me

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on Apr. 30 2021 at 1:11 pm
LadyWhimsy SILVER, Edmond, Oklahoma
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I really like this and I feel like if people were to see the real me would they still care or even like me?