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September 17, 2009
By smileysdeadvalentine GOLD, San Bernardino, California
smileysdeadvalentine GOLD, San Bernardino, California
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"you like audry hepburn,harry houdinni and croket you can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate face you'll never gonna make it" "i dont want to make it"

My Darling,
i hope you find it in your heart to forgive me im sorry for hurting you so, you must think all the sugar covered love words were untrue, that every caress was just a simple lie. After all this time you are in still my mind; they took away only to be tortured from being with out you now im dying bit by bit wishing to be with you once more. Alot of false suitors promising love that only proved to false they have made this wound even deeper. I love you more than life and hope you find it in my heart to forgive me.

Loving You Eternally

Your Sweet Angel

p.s:life without your love has not been the same

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