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Just a Rose

September 24, 2009
By AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
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"What makes a flower a flower? And why doesn't the dandelion qualify?" -From my poem "Dandelions"

Just a rose
A cliché symbol of passion
Just a rose
Is all you bring, in-depth intellectual conversations
Do they mean a thing?
Just a rose
That was taken, cut from the Earth
Stolen from nature
You think I want
Just a rose
That will wither and die in a vase I despise?
Rootless, heartless, cold, scentless, and dry
Just a rose
What do you take me for?
I’m no prim, proper Barbie doll who wants it all and
Just a rose
Wrapped in paper that was once a tree
I don’t want a
Flower, an insignificant rose, from a murderer (a florist)
All I want is your love
But if you didn’t already know that
Then I suppose something is wrong

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on Oct. 5 2009 at 9:46 pm
StartlingThing GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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"The difference between the right word and the right word is like the difference between lightening bug and lightening" -Mark Twain

your wording is phonominal! it was a wonderful poem and I hope to see more of your writings