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Ball and Chain

October 29, 2009
By FortuitousA SILVER, Cortez, Colorado
FortuitousA SILVER, Cortez, Colorado
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There is no ball and chain
To restrain you from
The escape to happiness
Pain is just a gust of wind
Trying to knock you over
Trying to carry you away
Sorrow is just a splinter
In your tender skin
Pull the sliver out and
Throw the bit away
It is okay to remember
Just do not let it
Harm your glass cased soul

There is no ball and chain
No splinter, no gust of wind
To restrain you from
The sweet sand beneath
Your small toes, wiggling
In content, and there is
Nothing to restrain you from
The greatness of love
Surging forth from the
Strangest of places
The strangest of people

It is okay to get lost
In the dream and
Discover the child once
More, as you were before
The greyness of reality
Can consume casualties
One by one and leave
Behind a barren world,
A Place without life
Without the love of
The butterflies living on
The trees and the green
Plants springing towards
The sun, with its priceless
Rays of glorious light

It is okay to discover
What you searched
For as a child, a
Place where pirates
And fairies existed and
You were the king or queen
Of your own realm
The X marked the spot
And a treasure was the little
Bottle with a note that
Floated in from sea

It is okay to exist
To be present and
Submerge from the
Darkest corners and shadows
The importance you have
Is measured by every single
Blade of grass grown,
By every individual drop
Of rain that landed on
The brown, green and blue
Of this little earth

There is no ball and chain
The freedom was there
Hidden from sight
From the feel of your hands
Years have covered it,
Age has masked the
Truth from searching eyes
It is alright to dig
To unearth your freedom
To be free and
To have happiness.

The author's comments:
It IS okay.

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tweety said...
on Nov. 15 2009 at 11:41 am
It IS ok to be you