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Finding the Peace in a World of Chaos

November 2, 2009
By adastraabextra GOLD, Moonstone, California
adastraabextra GOLD, Moonstone, California
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What, truly, is peace?
Peace is not the answer,
but just a glimpse of new opportunity.

People like to get even.
They say an eye for an eye.
The result isn’t peace.
It’s solely making the world blind.
War doesn’t bring peace upon us.
Battle only ends in death.
Some believe in death we finally get it.
That may be true.
But peace is an understanding.
One we must come to.. in life.
To attain peace makes a person so unbelievably stronger
than to fight a battle.

It is eternal.
Not something we achieve,
but something we discover.
Peace is inside each and every one of us.
Deep down.
We must reach,
we must find it.
We are in desperate need.
If we demanded peace instead of trivial possessions,
we would have it already.

Peace comes hand in hand with love and happiness.
It is true.
Something we all search for throughout our lives.
We must begin to love..
ourselves for who we are,
each other for who they are,
and the world for how it is.
The power of love must overcome the love of power.
Then, and only then, may we truly know peace.
Thus, we will indeed obtain happiness.

In the Book of Genesis, God said, “let there be light”.
I say, let there be peace.
Let it start with me.
Let it start with you.

You cannot shake someone’s hand whose fist is clenched.
You must find the opportunity to open that fist up,
and teach it to stay that way, from then on.
Live life braced with an open hand,
and be ready to shake everyone’s that you pass.
There is enough peace to go around in this world we live in,
as well as the next.

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