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"Middle of the Night"

November 17, 2009
By Nonnalucero SILVER, San Bernardino, California
Nonnalucero SILVER, San Bernardino, California
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i woke up in th middle of the night
pain in my hands hurt me badly
i realized i hugged my bear two tight
my bear stared but at me sadly
i told my bear it wasnt a nightnare
that i was dreaming of you again
i smiled at my bear
and told him the end
i looked out at the moon
smiled and prayed to a star
knowing its going to be soon
to follow my own heart
my prayer in the air
calling to you in your sleep
you wake hearing a prayer
a whisper thats become weak
i hug my teddy bear more
and begin to cry
witha broken heart thats sore
begin to die inside
as i begin to fall asleep
your face comes to view
i began to weep
because lying next to me ...... is you....

The author's comments:
i like this guy and i kept thinking until this poem came out, its like words just coming alive with every thought you have....

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on Feb. 20 2010 at 11:55 am
Bonus_Weetee67 GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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"Gentlemen, we are going to chase perfection, knowing full well, we will not catch it."

"Hope is a waking dream."

"I'm not made of glass, you can't just clean off the bruises."

I know exctly what you mean. This poem speaks to me unlike any other love poem would. You truly have a gift:) keep it up.