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why cant you see?

November 20, 2009
By jessica<3 BRONZE, Lenoir Shityy, Tennessee
jessica<3 BRONZE, Lenoir Shityy, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:

i have always been here
and you have always been there
why cant you see that im right in front of you
why cant you love me like i love you
you are always with her
why not me
why cant you see
please look me in the eyes
see that im in love with you
please dont go
i know you see it too

The author's comments:
if your wandering no i didnt steal this i have 3 profiles on here and believe it or not i lost my password to the other one and thye wont e-mail me it so i have this one. i wrote this 2 years ago. hope you like comment : )

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