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drawing hearts in window steam

November 25, 2009
By DaviDooxoxorawr SILVER, Centralia, Washington
DaviDooxoxorawr SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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I remember the first time we met.
You were the boy from the other school, the one that was dating her. I interduced myself, you didnt say anything back, i was offended so i made fun of you.

When i look back on that day i blush, out of embarresment. Back then I didn't think i'd be in love.

You were just a boy. Now your the light in my eyes.

A year goes by without seeing your face. I soon forget all about you.
A new school year comes along and there you are again. Still the same simple boy. It is me that has changed, maybe for the better soon for the wrost.

A quick hello, a murmerd goodbye. One simple glance and im lost in your eyes. A light blue that makes me lose my breathe. It was then i fell in love.

As the days go on i start to wonder what you think of me, what yot see in me. I soon find out that are feelings are the same.

The frist time we kisses i was in complete bliss. Your lips were smooth and sweet.you held me by the waist and i drapped my arms around your neck. As we pulled apart you whispered "i love you".

But you left me. With nothing but my memories, wich in time shall fade. I wish i had seen behind your mask. I was so mesmerized by your eyes that i couldn't see your lies.

I sit on the bus everymorning and think of you. when others look thet see me drawing hearts in window steam.

The author's comments:
when i first started writting this it was about someone special in my life but as time went on my realationship with that person took a turn for the worse. This poem was my way of letting my emotians out.

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