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Inside of Me

November 30, 2009
By Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
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When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window:):)

I silently watch
The world go past
From behind my walls
Underneath my mask

They cannot see
What lies within
Only this outer
Shell I'm in

I long to break free
Of this trap to my heart
But I'm too afraid
To even start

To unveil the fragile
Soul inside
Unwilling to show
What I have to hide

A tender heart
That's easily broken
A flow of thoghts
That remain unspoken

I keep the door
To my heart locked tight
In wait for the day
When things are made right

I wall myself in
Keep my feelings inside
The girl of long ago
Has all but died

To write things on paper
Is the one way I know
To expressing these feelins
Without telling you so

So I'll keep on writing
All the feelings of pain
Til the clouds go away
And the sun comes back again.

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