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Puzzle Piece

December 1, 2009
By Cady_ PLATINUM, Godley, Texas
Cady_ PLATINUM, Godley, Texas
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"Never judge a book by its cover.", and "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." "Cherish your life." "Love equals eternity."

Time we take out of are normal lives to spend time with others takes courage, and friendship, people are like puzzle peices, if you take us apart your probably going to get hit. I f you break a piece of me that has the most important thing, your not going to be very happy. You put them in the right spot, and your on the right side, and it only takes one mistake to break. People protectthe friends. I know I do. I will not sit around and let my friends be pushed around, because I am not self-centered, and I am not irresponsible, and not responsible if you get hurt I am therefore responsible for my friends, and that's what I believe in, and NO one can tell me otherwise. NO! ONE!

The author's comments:
Well all the time I am made fun of but if my friends are being messed with your not only messing with me, your messing with all my friends who stand around me, and if you don't see anyone but me, then that only means that I have a better relationship because I guarantee you, I WON"T stand back and watch..I JUST WON"T>Cady>Comment and rate!!!PLZZ>>>!!!!

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