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I Truly Hate.

December 23, 2009
By HiddenGem GOLD, North Fort Myers, Florida
HiddenGem GOLD, North Fort Myers, Florida
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I Truly Hate The Way You Control Me.
Inadvertently Keeping A Firm Hold Of My Heart.
Bending It,
Twisting It,
Breaking It.

I Truly Hate The Way You Made Me Love You.
Pretending To Care,
Claiming You Love Me.
But If You Loved Me,
You'd Never Treat Me Like This.

I Truly Hate The Way You Look At Me.
This Look Of Longing,
Of Passion,
Of Lust.
It's Just Another Way For You To Toy With My Emotions.

I Truly Hate The Way You Hold Me.
When You Beg Me To Talk To You,
Your Arms Around Me,
Hugging Me,
Securing Me.

I Truly Hate The Way You Spit Those Lies.
Say You Love Me,
Say You Miss Me,
Say That You Still Care,
Say That I Still Mean Something.

I Truly Hate The Way That You Call Me.
Checking To See If The Cuts I Bear Are Yours.
If The Bruises You've Caused Still Linger.
If I'm Still Avoiding Eating.
If I'm Slowly Killing Myself For You.

I Truly Hate The Way You Pretend To Listen.
Hear What I Say,
But Never Comprehend.
Understand The Words,
But Never Their Meaning.

I Truly Hate The Way That I Still Care.
That You're Controlling Comforts Me.
That You've Still Got Me Loving You.
That I Relish The Moments You Look At Me.
That I Never Want You To Stop Holding Me.

I Truly Hate The Way I Want You.
The Way I Need You.
That I Believe Those Lies.
That I Love Seeing You're Number On My Phone.
That I Want You To Pretend To Listen.

The Truly Terrible Part About Hating You,
Is Hating Myself.
Wishing I Were Anywere But Here.
Hoping I See You,
But Crying When I Do.

The author's comments:
Another piece about yet another dramatic high school relationship. To be quite honest, it's taken me time to get over the pain that goes along with losing your first love. But the pain has made me see that what I felt wasn't just a fairytale.

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