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Fast Approaches Winter Winds

December 28, 2009
By BobbyTheWriter BRONZE, Wintersville, Ohio
BobbyTheWriter BRONZE, Wintersville, Ohio
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Colder do the days get
With every spin of the Earth.
Upon the ground the leaves are set
To accept the freezing snow's birth.

Slowly flutter down do the flakes
And wind pushes them faster
Put away leafblowers and rakes.
For shovels defeat snow's plaster.

Rain will cease to patter
And snow will begin to fall.
Though cold, to the kids it won't matter
As they indulge in battles with snowballs.

All foliage shall disappear from sight
except for the needles of the pine.
No more October tales of fright
Or November meals to dine.

Christmas carols shall envelope our minds
Making us fuzzy and warm.
Bells make sounds of magical kinds
As Christmas spirit beats a winter storm.

The author's comments:
A little poem about winter. Enjoy.

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