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Can you feel it

December 19, 2009
By itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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It’s Sunday night, already feels like a year
Even though you were with me not long ago, I miss you when you’re here
It’s Monday morning, and it seems like forever
That the week will end, and we’ll be together
It’s Tuesday afternoon and the clock ticks by fast
Yet the week drags by slow, how long can it last?
It’s Wednesday night and I’m halfway there
Thinking about those three more days,
This time I cannot bear
Now its Thursday, and the week’s suddenly disappearing
Yet the day I want, is finally nearing
Now that it’s Friday, life seems to float by
We all feel this way, nobody knows why
It’s Saturday morning and I wait to hear your voice
I need you here now, yet I don’t have a choice.
The minutes seem like hours,
The hours feel like days,
My heart flutters with every second on the clock
For you are on your way.
The week slid by all in a blur
Wanted it to go fast, yet it went slow
But now that our time is finally here
I never want you to go
When we sit, side by side
Shoulders touching
That’s really all I need
Time seems to stand still as my heart beats fast
Not wanting life to proceed
Sitting in silence, I just glance at you
And all I’m wondering
Can you feel it too?
Now it’s Sunday again, and I’ll be waiting for another day
Lets fast forward, then pause, and press replay
Until I know, that you feel this way.

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