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Any Saturday Night

December 26, 2009
By mcw_816 SILVER, Short Hills, New Jersey
mcw_816 SILVER, Short Hills, New Jersey
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Am I a stranger
Or just strange here?
A freshman
A nobody
A typical anyloser.
Outside it's snowing
Everybody’s drunk around me
Grinding like a rap music video
Except filled with rich white people.
Yes, we’re one of those towns
And we know nobody likes us
But it doesn’t matter
Because collectively, we like ourselves.
But I don’t really want to be here at this party
With everyone around me exchanging body fluid
When just yesterday they were my lab partners
We experimented with acid
The hydrochloric kind
Not the LSD I’m pretty sure everyone’s smoking.
LSD is smoked, right?
Well anyway
The seniors are eyeing the so-called slutty girls
Wearing barely anything despite the wintry weather
We don’t respect them
We just dance in circles.
I see my brother among them
He catches my eye and points me out.
Well whatever
I’m a freshman
A nobody
Anyloser with a cool older brother.
I feel something rub my arm—what is it?
Some overzealous
Oversexed couple
Coupled only for five minutes
Because they’re too drunk to maintain ownership of their tongues?
It’s a boy.
He wants to dance with me.
Does he think I’m a freshgirl slut?
Does it matter—can I be one?
I stay in the circle
But still dance with him.
He’s Anyboy and I’m Anygirl.
I suppose we were made for each other.
It's dark in here
I crave the snowbank.

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