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Fears come with fights

February 6, 2010
By Louis GOLD, Paris, Other
Louis GOLD, Paris, Other
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Some fall, feeling they are punished
Doomed for an error they did not commit
Yet when they look into their harmer’s eyes
They smile back to give themselves courage

Some cry, to leave space for optimism
To fill their exhausted yet fighting bodies
And let their whole world be certain
That what they must do is out of love

Every night they go to bed worried that
Who they care for will need them
All the while knowing one of the two
Might not wake up the next morning

Every morning they smile in the kitchen
Still laughing at how proud one can be
Of the exploits Mother Nature permits us
To accomplish in so little time

Yet no one is fooled when the doors close
Ears shrink away from the shrill shrieks
Even if the mother punches her hand so hard
Against her mouth a bruise leaves its mark

Yet no one ignores the fact that with every wail
She gets a little bit stronger, just like her son
No matter how different he seems…

The author's comments:
Although the poem might seem harsh, it's a representation of how perseverance and love can save someone's life...

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