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"Sticking Up for Myself"

February 13, 2010
By In_Love_Loved PLATINUM, Concord, New Hampshire
In_Love_Loved PLATINUM, Concord, New Hampshire
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"I've lost my faith in so many things but I still believe in you." -Sanctus Real

I think I'm complicated
Mixed up messed up

Butterflies are resilient
Until wings are clipped

Bring me home
But I will crawl
Up the stairs to my room

I'm not able to explain
Defend myself
Reason with myself or with you
Don't want to either

Years got me here
Not where I wanted to be
Is where I ended up

I chew my nails while you look
At me sideways
I am what I am

Sick of standing up
To smile and pretend
It's okay it's not

Still on the floor
Not looking up
Think what you want
I can't be that for you
For myself

Tried to hatch the perfect plan
To create this girl
That would be acceptable
It's too hard to be this
No one could be that

So I'll stick up for myself instead.

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