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Last Nights Dream

February 19, 2010
By Kristy_loves_Keats PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
Kristy_loves_Keats PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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We lay there
On the southern most point of the playground
On the bridge that has thousands to millions of holes surrounding us
We are way to gigantic to fall trough
The heat transferring to me from you
The way your hazel eyes just stared into me
As if you were trying to read a story
Your soft lips combined with mine as if we
Were trying to stay intertwined with each other forever.
My eyes closed for a split second and when I opened them again
I was in my bed startled by my dog coming to wake me up
It was just a dream
It was nothing different
Everything the same
I grabbed my glass and headed upstairs to grab some food
And to ponder on why people say dreams come true
Because if they did I would be with you

The author's comments:
i keep haveing dreams about this guy who kinda wants to be with me but we only see each other 2 a week some times less

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