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February 25, 2010
By mhw582 GOLD, Concord, Massachusetts
mhw582 GOLD, Concord, Massachusetts
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"Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" -Christopher Marlowe

As I try to pull myself back up to that place
Where I can unabashedly see my mother’s face
Desperately I grasp at straws, drop what little I manage to seize
I can get what I want but not what I need

And every day shuffles on lazily by
As I gaze into my friends’ unfocused eyes
Hopes and dreams, none of which were brand new
Gone forever, with the world we knew

Remember those carefree days of bliss?
Before we knew what we’d missed
Gray air curled and glass bottles broke
Inner peace, gone, in a cloud of smoke

Untroubled days, when we were kids
Surpassed by that ever-present buzz, heavy lids
Oh to what lengths we’d go... Such great heights
But only on the surface did it ever feel right

Thinking about life in other places
Strange cities, strange sounds, strange faces
I realize I wanna leave this town, take a chance
Pack my bags, take off, without a backwards glance

My friend and I, we see what’s up
Good kids’ lives changed by some real bad luck
Parents pushing and placing us on A Path
But... A Path to what? I ask

Wanna fly away, Gotta fly away
Because who knows where I’ll end up if I decide to stay
Gotta see what’s real, gotta buckle down
With my friend I’m gonna leave this town

I’ve got my reasons accumulated by nothing saved
The wasted love and the safety I crave, when I know
Memories of this blackened town can be left behind
All in the blink of an eye

When will we settle for what we have?
Twice as much don’t feel better than half
And man, you’d think leaving’d be tough
But at a certain point enough is enough

And as our plane lifts off and begins its trip
A tear will slip, our hands will grip
Not for what we’ll have left behind
But for the scars it left on us, unkind

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