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These Tears, They're Yours

April 5, 2010
By geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
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If i've learnt how to love, it's because of you.

i can't believe you would say this to me,
right in front of my face,
i only wanted to make you complete,
but now i'm feeling a disgrace,
i just thought you'd understand,
how deeply i'm depressed,
but all you did was shrug your shoulders and,
indicate your lack of interest,
it was a bitter blow to my dreams of love,
when i earmarked you as the one,
but you discarded of me like a woollen glove,
in the summer when the cold has gone,
i just wish ed to find some delight,
which would tunr my life around,
you were the one i dreamt of at night,
when i was sleeping safe and sound,
though now i know you had no desire,
to enter this relationship,
my hopes burn to ashes within the fire,
as the words left your lips,
and you see these tears which are flowing down,
baby they're for you,
in this my hopes will surely drown,
as my whole life accrues,
i want you to hold on to this tears forever,
as a final momento,
a token of my gratitude, a potent reminder,
of how you hurt me so,
please treasure these tears for they're yours,
to show for your bitter rejection,
your love i wanted and nothing more,
you girl were my only selection.

The author's comments:
inspired by the girl who broke my heart. i just couldn't believe she could be so cruel in how she told me to back off from her.

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