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April 10, 2010
By taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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I got a feeling
getting sick
I don't want to find
another love
I don't want to rewind
in time to find one
more heartthrob
when i know they'll
just end in another
i'm lost in the desert
trying to get to the right ocean
to swim back to the memories
i had with my true love
at least to me he was
I'm swimming in the arctic
frozen in hurt
trying to become warm again
to live in those arms
I'm chasing the currents
to come back home
not knowing that im stuck
because you have found
someone else
i'm sinking to the bottom
grabbing the surface
searching for your hand to grab me from the bone chilling water
my toes are crinkled, tingling from this water
the sunlight is becoming hiden
I'm scanning the surface, looking for something but it's just me and myself, i thought you would catch me or care for me or maybe follow me in this deep life taking water
I would do it for you
I obviously cared more, fight
Here i go while my hands are feeling as if they are going down without my body
my legs are climbing up the ladder to reach the real surface
your couch, holding each other, looking in your eyes while going insane for you.
not once am i thinking about dying
just about those moment so i'd die happier
then her face pops in my mind
ruining my happy moment
thinking it was real
i feel your hands now
tickling my face
brushing my lips
my dream had become
true again
how i can go to heaven
as happy as i could imagine
my feelings are going
my heart is pumping
this is my last breath
the last bubble you will see
have fun with her
while i'm lying on your couch trying to re-live those moments
to be able to be with you
at least once again
without anyone in the way
i'm sinking now
slow breaths
now i'm gone
frozen to the bottom
of that arctic ocean.

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