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Something? No everything

April 8, 2010
By taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
taylor11 GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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Im scared of something
Im hurt without something
what is that something?
confused from something
because im scared i lost that something
what am i so afraid of?
i broke up with that something
now that i lost him
i know that he wasnt just a something
he was an everything
a guy who could take care of me forever
who could love me for always
and hold my hand til the end
it may sound stupid
it may sound dumb
but its the real truth
he meant the world to me
but my mind told me to end it
what is wrong with my head?
i love him
im running a race to get to the finish line to win him back
he likes another girl
and im sitting here hurting for him
i look at him asking myself what can i do
what can i do to get him back
come back home
tell ME that you love me
tell ME that im beautiful
im lost for you
im wondering whats wrong with me
baby please come back

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