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Let it Flow

April 15, 2010
By Taco1 BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
Taco1 BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
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Just let it flow like running water
Seduce me with your joy
Rub off some of that light on me
'Cause I wanna shine too
I need my happiness and joy
I'm gonna get my happiness and joy
This is my last plead
It's not all that I'm asking for
There will be no need for you to give me more
Bundle it up somewhere
Wait...yo you listenin'
Are you still there?
I sure hope so
If not, my dreams will be crushed
I don't wanna look to you as my idol
Then realize that you are just a figment of my mere imagination
Don't you dare crush my dreams
I've been let down too many times to be crushed
So why dont you just let that happiness and joy flow like running water
I will hope that it shines upon me.

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