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three little words

May 24, 2010
By qennna BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
qennna BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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Just us , Alone
looking at you
you don't understand
you think im just looking at you
but im actually thinking'
is he the one ?
does he love me ?
why would he want me ?
i cant help but to just
keep staring at you .
i dont want to let you go
i feel so good being in your arms
like no one can stop us .
Do you feel the same ?
Do you truly love me , like
you say you do ?
Or are you just like the rest ?
you dont understand .
are you the one ?
i never tell anyone this
just to say it but i could tell you
a million times . its so hard
even though i promised myself
i will never fall again but
these three words mean so much
i cant even tell you them anymore
cause you left , are you coming back ?
i told mom about you .
but you left , so what do i tell her now ?
you seem real happy with her
happier then you were with me
are you treating her like you treated me ?
i miss your kisses
your soft lips , you didnt have
to tell me the words
i knew once you kissed me .
i miss you !
but i gotta stop missing
you , but im just gonna
tell you these last three words .
.... i loved you ! <3

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