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After the Storm

June 2, 2010
By livelovelaugh353 SILVER, San Carlos, California
livelovelaugh353 SILVER, San Carlos, California
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The leaves sway gently in the breeze
Hanging on to the branches by tiny stems
Another gust of wind soars by
Creating a crackling sound as the leaves brush against one another

Then the sky opens up and begins to cry
First the drops come slowly
Then as the wind grows stronger
The tears begin to fall faster

The leaves try and cling on to their stems
Praying that maybe, they'll be lucky
That maybe, they will survive the storm
But the wind just keeps coming

Then slowly, one by one
Each leaf begins to fall
They each meet their doom with a soft thud on the softened soil below,
Until just one leaf is left, clinging on to its life by one tiny stem

Slowly, the wind dies down
The rain stops falling
The clouds move away
And in the clear sky is a magnificent rainbow, one you only see, after the storm.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem while thinking about how the best things in life usually come right after the worst.

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