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Raining Love

June 10, 2010
By angeeeyxo BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
angeeeyxo BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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tomorrow I went under the willow
to see our tracks in time
yearning for the love of the last night
aching for the truth to turn blind.
but traces under the willow were now
barely traces on our minds.

today I tried to fix what’s been done
forcing soggy grass back over roots,
my throbbing pain sent into earth
wet clumps falling fast into footsteps
splashing mud onto mud and my
newly white dress.

last Sunday I took you to church
wanting to recover what was left
of what we hadn’t already stolen
from each other.
the stale air mixed with watered wine,
forced us further from another.

two months ago I cried in your arms
you are smoothing my hair, desperately
holding on to my limp and fading spirit,
mixing my name with my own cries of pain
well past midnight, the more we cried
the less we were ashamed

the first birthday we went together,
my mother took a photograph.
Withered and torn, black and white
But flowing with a captured past.
You look shocked by my eyes
As I turn my head towards you to laugh

tomorrow I went under the willow
to save our tracks in time.
as mud fell through slips in my hands,
anxiety pulsed through my veins
I saw our love that was once so strong,
flowing swiftly into earth with pouring rain

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