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Little Paper Dolls

June 23, 2010
By thea22 GOLD, Queens, New York
thea22 GOLD, Queens, New York
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Hearts of tin,
Food coloring paints them red.
Mix and boil,
Fog of bleak red.

Little paper dolls,
Such little paper dolls.

Brains cut out,
Logic destroyed.
Nerves wrecked,
Malfunction aboard.

Just little paper dolls,
Such little paper dolls.

Can’t move,
Can’t speak,
Can’t breathe on their own.
Move their bodies for them,
Voluntary reactions it seems.
Little puppets to the master,
No strings attached,
Visible to the naked eye.
What’s a body without involuntary reactions?

Little paper dolls,
Such little paper dolls.

Master of scissors,
Cuts what needs to be cut.
Make them hollow,
Numb with no love to fill their insides.
For love turns white paper,
Into visible light.

Thoughts may appear,
Love could strike.
These paper dolls,
Aren’t 100% paper.

Master of scissors owns control,
Loopholes though will appear.
Can’t wipe love out of their systems,
Love, strong substance in this world has a hardness of ten.

Must terminate the paper,
Slowly destroy not too quickly.
Rain, the answer,
Turns paper soggy.
Crumbles it,
As if witch of the west is melting,
Here in paper world.

Little paper dolls,
Such little paper dolls.

3-D world with paper dolls,
What happens when everything turns flat?
Consciousness they called it,
Be aware of your thoughts.
Think what they think,
This is just an “I’m wrong, your right” game.

Such a scary world,
Oh paper world.
These paper dolls,
Could really use paper planes.
Take them adrift in the night,
Far away from paper world.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about how people are controlled after I read the book 1984.

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