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Don't Even Try

June 9, 2010
By BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
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don't cry, don't even try
save those tears when
raindrops turn to skittles
or save those salt-saturated droplets
for the dew in the morning,
the best times for mourning
are those times when you're alone
but you're not
that's the problem, isn't it?
you have me everyday and every night
and every night, you lay your lips on me
then you slip into a dazed look
look see, you wrap your fingers around my pale body
but you cast me away after every use
you light me on fire
until the charred remains crumble
underneath your fingertips
don't look away, don't even try
you need me as much as i need you
need not a thought
but to submerge beneath waves ofeuphoria
when you don't know how to swim
gaze at a never-dying flame
until your eyes glow red
and i pierce into your
transparent heart until
you recall nightmarish moments
of hell burning at your feet
but when you use me up,
you sigh in relief,
a hot sweat brewing still
and still you come back
time after time after time
cannot get enough? can you?
think you're so tough? no
think you're so happy w/ me?
ummm, no, not at all
don't even try to deny my right
to be your best friend
your daily companion when you go out
your savior when you're alone
in the bathroom, wishing that
you were anywhere but here
here...on earth? no
oh. im sorry. on me. enclose me into a box
next to those other pale things
but i am not foreign
not like those brown, Cuban things
you bring home every now and then
so let's pretend, i left
you would just spoil yourself
with dreams of suicide
and feed on poisoned candies;
they taste so sweet
YET, when your lips fall on me,
i can't help but to think
you hate you, you hate me, you H A
this is just a joke to you
blasphemy! i am your life
the chemistry of me is merely perfection
you come, i go, you come, i go
don't even try, don't even try
to belittle me to ashes,
belittle me to my cursed name
namely, Cigarette

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