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For My Dad

July 29, 2010
By Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
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"Dance like no one's watching.Sing like no one's listening.Love like you've never been hurt. Live like its heaven on earth." -Mark Twain

you always believe in me
you never hate me
you always protect me
you never hurt me
You always love me
No matter what
You lifted me up on your shoudlers
when i was small
now you lift me up
with your support
to do what i know is right
to be who i am
and never fear the unknown future
you can always make me laugh
your unfailingly honest with me
and answer every question
i've proposed to you
from war, to peace, to life
you never let me fall to far
or let me blind myself with normalcy
you do whats right
you look out for the ones you care for
you help people
no matter if they snub you afterward
your a hero
your my hero
i hope to be like you one day
thank you for all you've done
all you do
and all you will do
i love you dad

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