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Used to be

July 27, 2010
By LexieMonster SILVER, Spring, Texas
LexieMonster SILVER, Spring, Texas
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Going through these pictures one by one
I see the smiles and the unrelenting hands
Causing me to remember all the things we never had
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for you
But when it comes to her
I wish there was something I could do
I know the places you still come around
Asking for the services of the girls
You used to have
But you speak so gently
That she doesn't think a thing
Of the way your words sound

I'm so happy for you
But baby are you sad for me
And all the things we used to be
No I didn't think so
But I guess it's time that I let go
Of the hopes and the dreams
I used to think I could achieve

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