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September 9, 2010
By Goldilocks GOLD, Delta, Other
Goldilocks GOLD, Delta, Other
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Sometimes events can lead to an inevitable state.

After all, human control does have its set limits.

We dominate our lives with fate occurring in fits and small bits.

Its laughable how hard we pull at the reins of uncertainty,

Our bold impertinence belittled in a system so faulty.

Fait accompli teaches us of unalterable acts,

In turn, destiny steals choice when explaining unavoidable facts.

Ahead, there will be many a heartache;

Horrific nightmares we cannot shake,

When doom roams forth having sent no notice;

Fear owns us then, becoming more akin to vice.

Strange but true, over calculation can only morph into regret,

So have faith in fate

Preordained consequences should not quiet our laughter.

Have no fear of what comes after,

Only know, that you alone may travel the course set.

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