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I'm Sorry I'm Shy...

November 21, 2010
By ThatShyGirlintheCorner GOLD, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
ThatShyGirlintheCorner GOLD, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
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I’m Sorry…
Sorry I never say much. I just don’t want to get yelled at for talking. I’m always afraid I’m talking too loud and everyone is listening. I’m not a very good whisperer.

I’m Sorry…

Sorry that when you ask if I’m ok, I don’t know how to explain what is wrong to someone who doesn’t know…someone who doesn’t know who I am. Someone who doesn’t know that I’m shaking because I’m anxious even though I thought I was perfectly fine – thought I could make it.

I’m Sorry…

Sorry I look away and focus on my work, my binder gathering my stuff up, the teacher, anything but you and what you’re saying, doing, looking at – because I’m afraid. Afraid of what you might think, what other people will think, what will happen if I say the wrong thing.

I’m Sorry…

Sorry I can talk about music with you but when you ask why I moved here, how I like it here, what school did I attend before – I look away and my answers concise (hey, look a vocabulary word). Music I feel comfortable talking about, it’s what makes me happy. It’s safe. I can answer other questions, but not really have a conversation about them – I don’t want to give too much away, tell you things you’d find useless – you were just asking to have something to say you don’t really care.

I’m Sorry…

Sorry I’m afraid to get to know you – afraid for you to know me; afraid you’ll think I’m crazy or weird. Afraid once you know me- you wish you didn’t. Afraid you’ll think it’s your responsibility to keep me safe - you’ll be too worried about me, think I’m not safe when I most definitely am.

I’m Sorry…

Sorry I’m afraid of everything, afraid to trust people – I’ve lost too many people I thought I’d have forever.

I’m sorry I think you’ll be like everyone else.

I’m sorry I say sorry so much – sorry there are so many things to be sorry about.

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