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You know where to find Me

November 24, 2010
By smileyface9 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
smileyface9 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
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Sometimes I come out here to think.
I wonder what the world will be like in the future.
If there will be hovering skateboards.
Someone in this world needs to make one now so that I can move along the train tracks.
With a normal skateboard..traveling by train tracks would be pretty hard..but with a hoverboard I would have no trouble.
I'd be able to go as fast as I want and when a train is heading my way I'll speed up and jump over it.
I'll bring my hoverboard to a stop and ride the train for a while.
I'd sit and watch the world go by.
I'd fantasize about flying.
When I'm on my hoverboard; that's the closest I'll ever get to flying.

That's when I think of you.
Your ocean blue eyes; rare; pure.
Your blond hair.
Heartmelting smile.
The sweet embrace of your arms wrapped around me.

That's when I suddenly miss you.
I'd get back onto my hoverboard; jump off the train.
I'd speed to you.
And in the pouring rain I'll talk to you.

We'll cry.
Then we'll kiss.
Everything will be alright.

Then reality sets in.
You wouldn't want me.
You wouldn't cry.
You wouldn't kiss me.
You'd laugh.. almost die.

My heart is racing;pressure's on. Why did I just call you.

I hear his voice

"Hang on."
I have to get myself together. One last time.

I look around me.
I see trees around me; the metal tracks.

I hear his voice answer me softly

"I miss you."
I blurt out

"I want to see you."
He admits

"You do?"
I say breathlessly

"I've been thinking about you lately."
He tells me

"I've been thinking about you too."
I tell him

"When can I see you?"
He asks shyly

And I tell him
"Anytime. You know where to find me."

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