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Pray Think Remeber

November 18, 2010
By EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
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Green, Blue, Brown
Our earth’s signature colors
Look closer and you can see rainbows of color
Look around creatures big, small, cute, and ugly everywhere
Some people enjoy earths colors other enjoy creatures that we can almost or never understand
But you don’t have to be far to see our sky’s turn black
Our planet’s colors turn dull
The people turn cold along with unnatural murderous winters
The deserts burn hotter
The love of our planet melts with the ice caps
Our waters unnaturally slick of mans accidents
The number of people who care are as great as the gold and diamonds
Precious but rare
Do we want a home where people and animals die because our natural disasters become more unnatural?
Or because our trash can’t go into a can?
The greed and envy that surrounds us is as common as the trees we cut down
They say “together we can help”
How together are we when we can’t get along and we kill each other?
It can get better
Just do your part
Recycle, reuse and we can replenish

Replenish the world that can’t heal if we keep wounding it
God will step in
But till then
Save what we can
Pray, think, and remember
We can make our world

A better place

The author's comments:
It was inspired by Justin Bieber's Pray and my oceonography discussion.

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