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Dream Sweetly, My Love

December 9, 2010
By Kaity-Bear95 GOLD, Cave Junction, Oregon
Kaity-Bear95 GOLD, Cave Junction, Oregon
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Love me or hate me, you're still thinking about me.

"Dream sweetly,"
she whispered,
"Dream of better times,
of days that will be."

"Dream of words forgotten,
of worlds undreamed of.
Drift away, carried by voices
that speak of tomorrow."

"Forget the day, let go,
you need not worry.
Simply dream with all you have
and you shall be free."

One last word, one last kiss,
a single crystal tear falling
upon his skin, she turned
and disappeared, forevermore.

The author's comments:
Every night, I tell my boyfriend goodnight and all that sweet stuff. One night, when I said 'dream sweetly', I was inspired to write this poem. Please tell me what you think.

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