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January 16, 2011
By alli-sun SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
alli-sun SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
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002 . Your file says that you’re a girl.
269 . Hey babe, getting hard yet?
434 . What’s this bandage under your shirt? Hey, are you hurt?
343 . How the hell did you get that strong?
222 . Dude, you have pretty small feet.
009 . How do you know so much about hormones?
269 . Mmm, you need another haircut. Your hair just grows so fast.
001 . Just because I let you do this doesn’t mean it’s my fault. You did this to yourself.
444 . I can call you my brother, if you want.
005 . We’ve decided that you can’t change in the boy’s lucker room anymore.
434 . Don’t let him play basketball with us. He runs like a girl.
343 . I think my sister’s in love with you.
001 . Stop yelling, I’ve already told you I tolerate but cannot accept.
222 . I don’t find it weird at all.
444 . You’d think you’d be at least a little intrigued by your dual mindset.
434 . …F*** off. Bye.
343 . You the man.
434 . Hey. Er…yeah. Sorry.
002 . Why do you perceive yourself this way?
269 . No, it’s…it’s fine. I almost suspected it, in a way.
444 . You’re more than a woman or man now, you’re a gentleman.
001 . Thanks son. You’ve finally grown up.

The author's comments:
Each number represents a person in my character's life, who must face reactions to his transgender identity.

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