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Dear You,

January 18, 2011
By loveee7 DIAMOND, San Pedro, California
loveee7 DIAMOND, San Pedro, California
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"If Your One In A Million Than There's A Million Other People Just Like You."

DI always write about something that we did or how I feel about you.
Always the same person.
If you read all of my writings, I always say I'm done or I'm tired of you.
But I just can't get enough of you.
Its not like we do anything interesting.
But just being around you, talking or teasing, I love it.
Then you start to show that you might actually try and I always give you chance.
So either be with me or go without me.
Do me and my readers a favors,
And leave so I can write about something else.

Thank you,
Adriana and readers.

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