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Not so unique

January 25, 2011
By XxLostxX BRONZE, Viola, Wisconsin
XxLostxX BRONZE, Viola, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I guess today my dream became my disease."

See the girl in the mirror
She has new hair and a new piercing
She is unique

She goes to school
There are 4 girls with newly dyed hair
There are 3 girls with new piercings that just happen to be the same as hers
The only difference between her and the other girls.....
They are skinny
They can afford cool clothes
People like them more

She no longer feels unique
She feels copied
No so unique

Everything she worked so hard to accomplish......

Now its back to obscurity.
Back to being the girl that everyone ignores....
unless they want something

She is back to being depressed
Back to being invisible

Back to being nothing

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was something that happened to one of my friends

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