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If I Could Run

January 20, 2011
By Katie Barry BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Katie Barry BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Would you be impressed if I could run?
If I could glide across the dew-stained grass
Muscles contracting on the way to nowhere
In particular.

It would be better if I could run
Monsters couldn’t leap out from shining pavement
Or from inside my mind

They would stay locked in my subconscious
Feeding off of each other
And cease to rear their ugly heads.

It would take less time to reach places
Like the muddy pueblos of Argentina
Or the shady black forests of Germany
And my feet could carry me to where
I only go in my dreams.

I could pound the city streets
And let the lights make bright my eyes
Even if all I was observing
Was dishonesty and selfish glamour.

There are no grand staircases
Or satin canopies
Or muddy pueblos
Or ancient forests
Or quiet suburbs
That can flash by me fast.

My legs are too short to run.

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