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Obsidian Illusion

January 9, 2011
By GuardianAngel13 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
GuardianAngel13 SILVER, Piscataway, New Jersey
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A new year
But it seems like
It has been forever
Everything is reversed
Friends are foes and
Foes are no longer there
There is no one but me
And so this goes on
The lines between start and end blur
Like a magical spur
Fairytale turned into reality
Now life shows its duality
Illusions are over
Life is colder
Lost all its warmth and joy
I am reduced to nothing but a toy
Played everyday with and at the end
Thrown on the ground
With their backs turned on me
I was suppose to be a part of it
Be a part of them
But now all I am left
Clutching at are
My last bits of sanity
Slowly evaporating,
They always say
Hope is dangerous
In truth ,
Fear keeps me a prisoner
But its hope that will set me free
If I make through
This prison of vanity
And pride and lust and sight
Only if I can see through
The obsidian mirror that is my life

The author's comments:
Its about realization and a try to set things right.

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