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February 2, 2011
By jeanwolf GOLD, Lodi, California
jeanwolf GOLD, Lodi, California
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In a new town once again
We begin to set up
The owner walks around
Telling them where things go
A mall parking lot only has so much room
The rides go in and begin to set up
Then the floss wagons and ticket booths
Lastly the games, all this is done in a day.
After a few hours of sleep we open,
Jocks, jointys, flossy, and ticket girls.
All working every move planed and memorized
No room for error, no time to mess up
The jocks run there rides looking for trouble makers
The jonitys work the games, trying to find a good mark
The flossies make food and deal with customers
The ticket girls offer you deals you can’t turn down
While I walk around no one in this town knows me
No one cares who I am or what im doing
They all just want to have there fun
All the while spending more money then they have
Just enjoying the magic of this lit place,
Of this once empty lot
The crowds are almost over whelming
When the day ends and its just us carneys
that’s my favorite time
the feel of the carnival still lingers in the air
as the darkness is welcomed.
Soon we begin to slough, tare down, pack up
Then like we where never there
we leave an empty lot behind
Off we go to another nameless town

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my life before

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