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I'm only going to break your heart

March 5, 2011
By loveee7 DIAMOND, San Pedro, California
loveee7 DIAMOND, San Pedro, California
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If you hadn’t been a liar, we could have last forever.
If you at least had tried to make things work, I’d be there for you.
Maybe if you weren’t a coward, we could still be together.
And if you didn’t walk away, you could have called me yours.
But you didn’t even try; you ran and hid like a little boy.
You said, “I love you.” And “I care about you.”
But I guess that line expired.
All those productions really made you a great liar.
But what is it worth if you have no one?
I was the only one who saw everything that you could be.
Was I too much to handle?
Was I just not good enough for you?
Is she really that better than me?
Is she actually worth your time, unlike me?
I hope she plays you, like you played me.
And if she breaks your heart, you’ll finally know how I felt.

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