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April 21, 2011
By WaterWatcher SILVER, Houston, Texas
WaterWatcher SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Good things don't just happen to those that wait but to those that do.

“She went away to a place of peace and love.”
They told me such beautiful lies.
Open her eyes,
She can’t see!

“She is breathing the purest air there is.”
That is the only truth.
The air I breathe burns my heart,
Like a poison cutting me open and tearing me apart.

“She is with God in Heaven with all of the angels.”
More lies.
If God loves us like they say,
Why would he hurt me so?

“It’s all in his plans to make you even stronger.”
Am I not strong enough?
She was my strength,
But now I am weak and she is gone.

I will never reach Heaven and the other holy people
For I am tainted black
Only Hell will accept me now.

Now let me fall into the darkness
With a razor in hand
And the demon’s wing on my back.

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