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Your So Annoying

May 1, 2011
By AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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"Forget about yesturday it doesn't matter, Live for today as tho life doesn't matter, Wish for a tommorow as good as today and hopefully it will be better" -aley (me)

your so annoying
your senseless flirting
that crooked smile
those bright eye's
but I know they're not
for me
yes, Im not stupid
the way you look at her
it's in your eye's
they get so bright
and your whole face lights up
why do your eye's look at her like that?
why can't you look at me like that?
you play with me
tickle me
play our little games
but to you they mean nothing
your so annoying
I hate you
but just your hugs make my whole day brighter
I want to hate you
but I guess that only makes me love you more

The author's comments:
just an old poem i took my anger out on.....

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