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A Small Voice in a Loud Room

May 17, 2011
By Highbarfreak87 SILVER, Indian Hills, Colorado
Highbarfreak87 SILVER, Indian Hills, Colorado
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Loud with screams and arguments, I sit there with my quiet voice stating the truth. To most people, my opinion doesn’t matter, so I can scream as loud as I want, but there will always be someone louder. My temper is short, but then again; how will people know that if my voice is quieter than theirs. I’m yelling my opinion, but others are screaming theirs. They don’t care that i'm almost in tears with frustration, they don’t realize how much being heard by someone means to me. One day, I will be louder than someone in this room, every day I will become louder than the next, until I am the loudest one, glowering down on others voices making them turn into whispers or a mute sound all together. One day I will be big. One day I will be strong, my opinion will be heard loud and clear. People will agree with it, and I will be applauded and cheered for by others. I will be a role model for younger people, and make a difference in someone else’s lives. I can be great. I can achieve anything that comes my way, and always accept new challenges. One day I will be an adult, not a kid. One day my great ideas will spread like wildfire; my humor, looks, inventions. But until that day… I’m just a small mouse stuck in a room full of humans, waiting for my chance to sign.

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on Jun. 16 2011 at 1:49 pm
juleefoolee22, Commerce City, Colorado
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WOW!! That was really good! Great word choice. Keep it up I can't wait to read more of your work!