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Rejection's A Bitch

May 19, 2011
By VanityKills PLATINUM, Lake Elsinore, California
VanityKills PLATINUM, Lake Elsinore, California
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"But beauty, real beauty is a mode of exaggeration, and can destroy the harmony of any face"-Oscar Wilde.

I LOVE how you left me for her.

You said you still loved her.

You said you still cared.

You said you couldn't carry on with the burden of knowing you'll always want to be with her.

You said I wasn't worth the hurt.

You continued to leave me for her.

I didn't care.

I passed it off.

I wanted you to be happy.

But now she's moved on,

And she's denying you.

For somebody else.

What is this a perfect example of?

What you did to me.

Now you come running back to me.

Taking back everything you said.

Texting me at 2am, desperate to talk.

Here I am.


Staring at my phone.

Laughing hysterically of how you think I'd actually take you back.

Wanna know what'd fun?

Watching you realize you made a stupid fucking mistake.

It's a heartbreakers club, ya know?

Everybody does it.

Everybody hurts somebody and ends up breaking a heart.

Should've thought of that before.

Rejection's a b****.

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